a dance in mind

in reply to Brother Martin’s invitation to scholarly debate


When Jesus said, turn,
for Christ’s sake, turn
as though you believed

God present here, present
he did not mean to say
to look the other way.

He had a dance in mind –
a circle with no end,
the turning, not

the turn.


Power is nothing
to fear, nothing
to dance about, nothing

but the weight of the world’s despair,
the wait of the world turning,
here and there, back to

love, imperfect as
it always seems to be.

Jesus did not think himself



Money is another story.

It does not make souls fly.
It does not make minds certain.

It does make certain minds
think themselves



Love makes love,
not fear, not

nets with which to fish for the means of men

La lucha continua no terminará fácilmente.


©Steven Schroeder

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